Bio Seaweed Gel Polish – Sweet Tart #211

For my first ever actual post I am going to be writing about Bio Seaweed Gel polish, more specifically sweet tart #211 All-in-one gel system.

First a little about Bio Seaweed Gel;
They have two lines,
the BSG 3-step colour Gel which requires base gel and top gel.

And Unity, which is an all in one polish, for feet it doesn’t need a base or top coat and no cleanser is needed.
For hands add BSG diamond shine top gel and for weak nails or just for extra strength add Bio Seaweed Gel no sanding base gel.

Bio Seaweed Gel is LED and UV light cured. It is free of Formalydehyde, toluene, DPB, BHA and solvent.
They have 150+ colors and new colors seasonally. There is said to be no shrinking or wrinkling, and it is self-leveling.
*all info taken from Bio Seaweed Gel booklet.

!!!!! Ok now for the fun part!!!!!!!!

I used Unity sweet tart #211 on my toes. I LOVE IT! I did it in the car while my hunny drove and that never happens because he absolutely hates the smell of polish! Guess what it had almost NO smell! Best part I didn’t need a lamp I just rested my feet on the dash and it cured in the sun! I’ve been wearing it for 2 days now and NO damage at all! When I started to put it on I was nervous because it was so opaque but I read the instructions and thats how the first layer should look hahahaha and sure enough once I put the second layer on it was the beautiful sweet tart pink I was hoping for! It is so smooth and comfy I absolutely love it!!

Photo? Why yes of course!



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